Monday, March 26, 2007

Moving Forward and Letting Go

Moving forward often means letting go of things. Often we see that as letting go of physical objects or relationships and meaning we will lose something. On this trip I’m reminded that it can mean something very different. I am reminded that it can mean letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us.

I am also reminded just how profoundly the choices I make affect my circumstances. I could easily have seen myself as trapped this week—and that’s how I initially felt. But I am realizing that if I let go of the belief that I must always be the rescuer, that I must always be the one to find solutions, that I must always be the one to take care of others, then there are solutions I would not otherwise perceive.

Today there were moments when I felt utter panic. I felt the walls closing in and trapped. And then I realized that I had to let go of the above beliefs. All of a sudden, I began to see possible solutions to the situation that would not involve me, that did not require me to sacrifice myself so that I could resolve someone else’s dilemma. I could offer ways that person could approach the challenges he faces that did not involve me. Had I been able to do this twenty years ago, who knows how different my life might have been.

But we cannot go back and change the past. We did the best we could in those moments of our lives. The key is to remember that at any point, in any moment, we can stop and challenge the assumptions we hold. We can let go of ideas and beliefs that no longer serve us.

The irony is that in stepping out of the rescuer role, I am offering the others involved in this crisis a chance to grow and discover new capabilities within themselves and new dimensions to how they see themselves and each other. I can be true to myself and the kind of person I choose to be without taking ownership of anyone else’s problems.

I did not look forward to this journey but I knew absolutely within my heart that it was necessary. I am profoundly grateful that I chose to come here. We do not grow or change by playing it safe and if we do not grow and change then the quality of our lives cannot change. It is in facing the challenges in our lives that we grow and discover new strengths, new resilience, new possibilities, and new ways to be happy.

Had I not come, I would not have been the person I choose to be. And I would not have understood what I understood today. I would not be at peace with the choices I was making. I would not have had this chance to grow.

May you be able to see within every challenge you face the opportunity to grow and be happier. May you be able to let go of that which no longer serves you and move forward to become the person you are meant to be.

Sending blessings and safe and gentle (((((((hugs))))))),

(I knew I was going to need to write several posts this week!)


keepers said...

taking adversity or just plain old things not going right, and keeping our perception and outlook positive, can make it all redirect to a positive result. we are great believers in looking at the positive and we are just learning it. it does work.


April_optimist said...


Yup, it does. Not always easy but powerful. So glad you are learning to do it too.