Wednesday, March 10, 2010


As I pack to leave for the east coast, I am so frustrated I want to scream.

My daughter called. Her dad--my ex-husband--is going to be in her town, on campus at the university where she goes to graduate school, for close to a week and HE IS NOT SURE HE CAN FIND TIME TO SEE HER!!!

She is beyond hurt and I find myself wondering yet again if he has some form of autism that he just doesn't get it. Understand--he is not angry with her, does not disapprove of her in any way, he just doesn't see the need to get together with her.

I can urge her to tell him how she feels and hope this will start a dialogue. I did email him suggesting he spend time with her out there--that I think it would be good for both of them and that even though she's grown up she needs to know he loves her and that she's important to her. But....ultimately he will make the choices he makes and she will feel what she feels.

And I need to get back to packing....

Sending blessings and safe and gentle ((((((hugs)))))),


Grace said...

Hope your frustrations are relieved with peace. Wow, many years since twhj-c. Cant imagine how little one grew up and became a therapist myself now. A very long journey. I am now working with mostly severe trauma cases--a connection so deeply important to me. It hurts because I *understand* their feelings, but it is also satisfying for the same reason. I needed help so very badly 12 yrs ago, so I'm trying to pay it forward.


jumpinginpuddles said...

funny this made me so mad.

You reap what you sow one day he will want to see her and she will refuse, well at least i hope she will and then i hope he is left feelign the pain of consequences of actions.

therapydoc said...

Blessings, of course.

Thanks so much, Thriver, for your condolences. I really appreciate that you took the time, it means a lot.

April_optimist said...

Grace, Wow indeed! How wonderful, though, that we both have come so far. It's sooooo good to "see" you here!

Jumping In Puddles, The funny thing is that I think he wants to be a good dad--he just doesn't know how. But he took a step forward this week.

Therapy Doc, It's hard losing those we love. May the good memories ease your sorrow and that you always feel him close in your heart.

April_optimist said...

Pam, I stopped by your blog but couldn't figure out how to comment. Love the photo of the happy couple.

Grace said...

not the blogspot blog, its at I dont keep up w/the blogspot one anymore