Friday, June 26, 2009


Well, I've finally almost reclaimed my house and cleaned up the stuff scattered all over when my daughter left. Shipped off another large box of her stuff to her, too. My dog has (more or less) stopped moping and I've been able to do a few things I didn't while she was here.

I know that this new direction in her life is a VERY GOOD THING—both for her and for the work she is going into. Now the challenge becomes looking at new possibilities in my own life. What might I want to do that I haven't—for whatever reason? What might I want to do that will make me smile?

Mind you, having daily highs over 100 degrees tends to put a damper on one's energy—especially for outdoor activities. And I'm still catching up on things that got put aside while I helped my daughter get ready to move. But it's time to look at possibilities—whether for right now or for when it gets a bit cooler outside.

I saw the Star Trek movie and found myself thinking that I'd like to be part of that grand adventure and it got me thinking about hope again. Because that's the foundation of the success of the whole Star Trek franchise—hope. Hope that against all odds, brash daring might win the day even against apparently overwhelming forces.

Those of us who have known abuse know what it's like to feel powerless. For many of us, it was hope that kept us going. Hope that one day life would be better, hope that one day the abuse would stop, hope that some day someone—even if it was us—would figure out a way to stop the abuser(s). I don't think it's surprising that so many of us were/are drawn to Star Trek, especially when you add a Vulcan who seems to know how to handle difficult emotions so that they do not run his life—as was true for Spock in the original series.

Here's hoping each of you has a source (or more than one!) of hope in your life.

Sending blessings and safe and gentle ((((((hugs)))))),


Kahless said...

I adore Star Trek. I even have a dress up uniform which I once wore to a fancy dress party!

You write such intelligent posts April.

Just Be Real said...

Blessings to you April. Sorry to day but Star Trek was never my favorite.

gypsy-heart said...

Enjoyed catching are in a good place.
May the force be with you..
"the force within" most especially! :)

Energies of light to you,


April_optimist said...

Kahless, Very cool!

Just Be Real, The great thing is that we don't all have to like the same things.

Gypsy-heart, Thank you! When I saw the very first Star Wars movie, when it first came out, I remember wondering why it was so hard for Luke to "get" it. I mean, wasn't it obvious about the Force?

Karma said...

This was actually the moment in my mom's life where things really fell apart. It is hard for Mom's when kids move away, and you have to figure out who you are in a whole new way. Its a process that takes courage, which I know you have. I only wish my mom would've been more successful.