Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Your Independence Day

What if we declare this OUR Independence Day? What if we declare that as of today we believe ourselves free of past shame and fear and entitled to happiness?

We have both the right and the responsibility to make a choice—are we going to heal or are we going to let ourselves stay trapped in the past forever?

Making the choice to heal doesn’t instantly make everything all right. What it does do is cue our subconscious to find the answers to what we need to do to heal. It sets us on a path where only freedom from shame and fear and the achievement of happiness is acceptable. And if that is our focus, then that is what we can and will achieve.

It begins with a decision. We may not know how we will achieve our goal but if we keep it firmly as our goal the path opens up. People and opportunities appear in our lives to help us achieve that goal. I know because it’s happened to me. Once I accepted the possibility that I could be free of shame and fear and could be happy, I found myself, step by step, getting closer and closer to that goal. When I worked with a therapist, he used to ask what the plan was. I’d always answer that I only saw one or two steps ahead and I didn’t know the rest but I had faith the steps would always be there for me to take when I was ready. And I was right. My life is now incredibly good in ways I could not have predicted ten years ago.

Let this be YOUR Independence Day! Let this be the day YOU choose that the only acceptable course for your life is one free of shame and fear and filled with happiness. That choice won’t bring instant success but it will set you on a journey toward that goal and one that rewards you in ways you probably cannot yet imagine.

Sending safe and gentle (((((((hugs))))))),


Marj aka Thriver said...

That sounds great! I'm gonna shoot off some fireworks and shout, "I am whole! I am free!" Have a great 4th.

April_optimist said...


LOL! Yes, absolutely shout your joy and freedom!

Summer said...

Thank you so much for adding this to the Carnival Against Child Abuse. It's a great post.

April_optimist said...

Thanks, Summer. I'm so glad you could use it.