Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sophy and Life

As Sophy and I learn to live with each other, I find myself thinking what a good match we are—both intelligent and resilient and capable of love despite all odds. And those were very long odds. If there is anyone who can understand her fears of abandonment, it's a survivor like me. If there's any dog who could make me laugh enough to overlook some of the challenges, it's one who can stand up on her hind legs and figure out how to open a sliding patio glass door with her snout and front paws. (I was too startled and laughing too hard to think to take a picture!)

Sophy is reminding me that too much self-sacrifice isn't good for either party.

She is remind me that clear rules and boundaries are easier on everyone.

She is reminding me that play is an important part of the day—all through the day.

She is reminding me that one can be loving and still speak up for oneself whenever necessary.

I'm sure as heck getting more exercise since I got Sophy!

She's reminding me that we can defy the odds. We can choose who we will be no matter what our backgrounds might have been and learn to get past old hurts to trust when trust would seem to be impossible.

Here's hoping you have someone or an animal in your life who reminds you of things like this, too.

Sending blessings and safe and gentle ((((((hugs)))))),


Karma said...

I miss my dog!

Amy said...

Just found your blog and love and appreciate it so much. I have it on my blog roll. Check out my blog sometime, too @


Strong and determined said...

I loved this post. It even made me want to give in to my kids and get a dog. The exercise part would be such a bonus for me!

Enola said...

Aren't animals wonderful? Mine reminds me that crawling under the covers on Saturday mornings for a little extra snooze is good too.

Kahless said...

Can we see some more pics of Sophy?

She sounds adorable.

jumpinginpuddles said...

pleae see

April_optimist said...

Karma, Big (((((hugs)))).

Amy, Thanks. I'll check out your blog after I'm done posting here.

Strong and Determined, LOL! I am doing sooooo much more walking these days! And I laugh so much more as well.

Enola, ROFL! I wish Sophy had that attitude! SHe wants me UP in the morning and gets very impatient when I try to pretend I'm still asleep.

Kahless, Posted another picture with my latest post.

Jumping in Puddles, Wow. Took a quick look. Will go back shortly to post a comment.